“Are the things You Are Living for, Worth Christ Dying for?”





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Our ministry is all about Making Jesus Famous by Discipling Nations.


Through prophetic vision, our ministry sees and discerns things that are often mixed or unseen. We desire to release the blessing, solution, and the heart of the Father over the NATIONS. 


We want to train individuals, Churches, and Nations to lean into the heart of the Father, hear what He has to say and activate the Father's word over them.

Core Values: 

Prayer, Love, Grace, Favor, Supernatural Provision, Integrity, and Signs & Wonders


Ministry Objectives:

  • Equip Believers to Walk in Supernatural Authority

  • Revive the Bride of Christ

  • Bring about National and International Transformation

  • Believe for Legacy-focused Solutions for the Next Generation

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My passion for Revival is what makes me


I can remember hearing the gospel story as a girl sitting in church in 7th grade. I can remember, to this day, what it felt like to confess Jesus as Lord. Coming from a story of chaos and confusion, it was as if everything was brighter and fresher on the other side of Conversion. Though my salvation didn’t take away the pain that I felt, the peace that came from knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior provided hope. The Church was the place where I felt the most alive. It was where I knew that I could be loved and love others. 


In 8th grade after an altar call, I knew that I was called to be a minister. I felt a hot, burning sensation beckoning me forward, and it's never been the same since then. Through a mission trip, I found myself walking through sewage in Mexico City. There I saw real brokenness and hopelessness, but I also understood the hope of the Gospel to transcend any situation. From that time forward, God confirmed my call to serve Him. 

I married the love of my life in 2005, and together we have three children.  We make our home in a Small-town in Texas, where Andrew, my husband, owns and runs an Organic Fertilizer Company, and I homeschool our children and run my ministry.


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Since my early days in local Church ministry, I have sought to step into my authority in Christ. But as a youth minister at various local churches, I often realized that the church needed an injection of hope and love in order to make Revival possible. So for the first 10 years of ministry, I served families, churches, and global ministries with a steadfast commitment to the person and work of Jesus Christ, helping believers to understand their Authority in Him.

However, in the last 10 years, God began doing a bigger work in me, showing me I was created for the specific purpose of stewarding Revival. Therefore for the last 10 years, I have continually worked at Making Jesus Famous. This slogan became my mantra, as I continued to help equip individuals and Churches not just to know their authority, but to understand how to use their Spiritual Gifts to impact change in and around them. 

Finally, in this next season, I desire to see individuals equipped, a Revived and Alive Church, and National and International Change. I believe that as the Body of Christ invades the Seven Mountains of Culture we will see long-term change, thereby creating legacy-focused solutions for future generations.